About Us

We keep critical data safe. At scale.

We are passionate about information security and believe in privacy as a human right. Our mission is to help your organization boost its IT security processes by leveraging the latest technologies including blockchain and AI along with industry best practices. 

At LogSentinel we are zealous about what we do, and we create products that entirely protect your personal, confidential and sensitive data so you can focus on achieving your business goals. Our fundamental priority is to keep your critical data safe at scale by using state-of-the art way to store, monitor and analyze your business-related events. We deliver robust and reliable solutions designed to protect against data breaches and insider attacks, as well as ensure a higher level of compliance with legal standards and regulations.

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Awards & Recognitions​

Award for Most Reliable Vendor

Best Innovation in Security and Networking


Forbes Business
Awards 2020

Winner of Forbes Business Awards

Program participant 2019 cohort


CESA Bulgaria
2020 Award

CESA Bulgaria: Startup of the Year

2019 Big Prize

First Prize at GovTech.Pioneers Vienna


CESA Bulgaria
2019 Award

CESA Bulgaria: 2 First Prizes

2019 Award

First Place at DigitalK 2019

excellence in innovation bulgarian government recognition

High Innovation

Holder of special brand Excellence in Innovation  

global tech summit infosec award

Global Tech
Summit 2019

Tech Startup of the Year

Regain Control Over Your Data!

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