December 14, 2017

About us

LogSentinel is a company focusing on creating the LogSentinel product as well as information security and GDPR consultancy.

Executive Team

Bozhidar Bozhanov

CEO & Lead Security Architect
Bozhidar has served as e-government and information security adviser in the public sector and has significant experience as senior developer, solution architect and project lead in international IT projects. He holds a degree in Computer Science and is passionate about linguistics.

Anton Gerunov, Ph.D.

Anton has served as e-governance lead to the Bulgarian government and has had significant experience as international data analytics consultant and project manager. He has background in IT and economics and is interested in the transformational power of data.

Christo Grozev

Strategy Advisor
Christo Grozev for many years supervised the radio operations of a public US company in CEE and Russia.
Currently owns and operates national radio stations in the Netherlands and Ukraine, and invest in innovative IT projects. He is also a senior researcher at Risk Management Lab, a think-tank with a focus on security threats at New Bulgairan University (Sofia).

Official name: LogSentinel B.V.
Registered address: Netherlands, 1411 KC, Naarden, Flevolaan 41