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Whether you are an MSSP, a solutions provider, or a technology company, we truly value your business and help you unlock new steams of revenue. LogSentinel is the partner who is easy to understand and easy to leverage. You will enjoy our partnership because we do not overcomplicate things,  our focus is simple – flexibility and profitability.  

Leverage our award-winning SIEM solutions to boost your client’s information security and make them better protected than ever before. 

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Benefits of Partnering with LogSentinel

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Align with a cutting-edge cybersecurity

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Expand your product portfolio and market penetration

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Leverage premier security

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Discover new

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Offer scalable solutions to your customers

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Benefit from a recurring revenue stream

Our Solutions Drive Results

Key Benefits​

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Significantly insrease your sales opportunities by decreasing the time needed for product evaluation thanks to LogSentinel SIEM’s predictable pricing. Take advantage of the rapid time-to-value that LogSentinel SIEM guarantees thanks to the easy and straight-forward integration.  From a referral-based partnership to a completely white-labelled solution, LogSentinel accommodates your needs and gives you lucrative financial incentives. 

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Award-winning Technologies

Enhance your portfolio by leveraging our award-winning solution to boost your client’s information security and satisfy their compliance needs.  Ensure your sales success, offering top-notch technologies, such as AI and machine learning for early threat detection, and blockchain technology for data integrity and protection.

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Service Opportunities

Customers require more than just hardware installation, technical support, and threat prevention. With LogSentinel SIEM, our partners are equipped with a powerful and diverse product portfolio, and an ecosystem of technology integrations that enable them to leap ahead of the pack in an increasingly competitive and growing marketplace, offering flexible solutions that cover the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries. 

How is LogSentinel Better Than a Typical SIEM?

Advantages of Reselling LogSentinel SIEM

Unique & Powerful Offer

Resell unique and powerful products​ that cover a market gap of information security in terms of data integrity

Expand Your Market

Offer a NextGen SIEM suitable for businesses from all sizes and industries

Speed-up Sales

Speed-up the sales process by offering a SIEM with predictable pricing, which is easy to manage and integrate

Preferential Prices

Get access to preferential prices and terms based on your sales volumes

Continuous Sales Support

Get sales support by receiving sales and marketing materials

Continuous Tech Support​

Get technical support from a dedicated account manager

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Partnership Types

G Suite Privilege-abuse

MSSP Partners

Our MSSP program empowers you with flexibility to solve the most critical use cases for your clients of any organizational size LogSentinel’s unified security management platform delivers the technology and enablement necessary for offering a security solution to your clients that is both comprehensive and cost-efficient.

Speed-up cashflow with LogSentinel SIEM’s rapid time-to-value. Cut implementation times thanks to the easy and straight-forward integration process, which also completes the sales process faster.

Help your clients move from chaotic, ad-hoc security processes that are manual and reactive, to automated, proactive ones guaranteeing high resource optimization.

How it works?

  1. Offer our security solutions to your potential clients and customers
  2.  Get access to preferential prices and terms based on your volumes 
  3. Get support tailored for your business model and your client’s requirements

Reseller Partners

Expand new client opportunities and be able to target both large enterprises and SMEs with LogSentinel Next Gen SIEM. 

Benefit from rapid time-to-value: LogSentinel SIEM delivers solutions that are quick to install, easy to use and manage, and can easily be scaled to meet future requirements.

Offer a SIEM with predictable pricing, which is easy to manage and integrate, that helps you speed-up the sales process.

Help your clients prevent insider and outsider attacks by leveraging LogSentinel’s superrior, AI-driven threat detection capabilities, and blockchain-protected audit trail.


How it works?

  1. Enrich the product portfolio you offer your clients with LogSentinel security solutions
  2.  Get access to preferential prices and terms based on your volumes 
  3.  Get full suport during the selling process, including marketing materials and training required

White-labelled Solution

Leverage LogSentinel’s award-winning SIEM or features under your own brand. Get a full fledged, ready-to-go NextGen SIEM that you can market and sell to your customers. Offer cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain-based protection, AI-powered anomaly detection, and advanced encryption. By offering a NextGen SIEM, your customers get a full 360-degreee security and compliance. Speed-up your sales process by offering easy to integrate security solutions.

How it works?

  1. Expand client opportunities by offering a white-labelled NextGen SIEM
  2.  Get access to preferential prices and terms based on your volumes  
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Do you know any organization that could benefit from our solutions? Send them our way and earn healthy rewards. Connect us with your network and boost credibility by promoting our trustworthy and performance delivering LogSentinel SIEM, offering excellent threat intelligence and incident response solutions.

We reward individuals or companies for providing LogSentinel with leads that result in sales.

How it works?

  1. Introduce LogSentinel to qualified enterprises and organizations
  2. Earn referral fees for every deal closed
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Technology Alliance

You need a technological partner to onboard a new client or apply for a new open call?  LogSentinel SIEM is the only SIEM on the market, ensuring complete data integrity. LogSentinel combines blockchain technology for full data protection, and machine learning for intelligent threat detection,  ensuring  360-degree data breach prevention from both – insider and outsider attacks. 

The technologies used by LogSentinel SIEM improves your USPs and increase the chances of winning a call. 

How it works?

  1. Contact us and let us talk about the terms
  2. Improve the chances of success and gain from mutual collaboration 
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