Best Practices of Developing Secure Software (Acronis Cyber Protection Conference)

A Cyber Protection Developers Conference organized by Acronis was held yesterday at the Sofia University (Bulgaria).

Driven by the rising need of increasing cybersecurity and data protection measures, Acronis dedicated the conference to resolving issues such as improving the overall security of products and unlocking IT potential.

Acronis Conference IT Security

Acronis Cyber Protection Developers Conference | Speakers

World-class IT security speakers were invited to talk about the latest cyber trends. One of the guest speakers was Bozhidar Bozhanov, CEO of LogSentinel. His lecture was about how to create secure software, covering:

  • Purpose of attacks
  • Front-end vulnerabilities (examples and best practices)
  • Back-end vulnerabilities (examples and best practices)
  • Infrastructure vulnerabilities (examples and best practices)
  • Human factor vulnerabilities (examples and best practices)
  • Tools solving infosec problems

His 30-minute talk is available online and can be watched here:

If you would like to download his presentation, click here. or view it at SlideShare:

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