Facebook Plugins Compliance

Facebook Social Plugins and GDPR: The Court of Justice Ruling

This week The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that websites are liable for Facebook’s tracking activities. This is an important decision that clarifies one of the most important outstanding GDPR issues – whether the consent you’ve given to Facebook exempts website owners from asking for consent. What is the Facebook like button? Read more about Facebook Social Plugins and GDPR: The Court of Justice Ruling[…]

Digital Transformation Happens Too Fast to Be Secure

Digital transformation is the process of turning paper-based processes into digital ones or even completely eliminating unnecessary steps via automation. Digital transformation is innovation, but not in the “flying cars”, “trips to Mars”, “brain-computer-interface” type of innovation. It’s a mundane, often boring organizational innovation that has very little technical complexity and a much higher human-and-process Read more about Digital Transformation Happens Too Fast to Be Secure[…]

Scanning for logs security

Scanning for Logs to Be Secured by SentinelTrails

Audit logs are a core component for the security of every system – without them there’s no visibility of who did what and for what purpose. There are audits, there are forensic investigations after security incidents, there’s compliance – all of that is impossible without a proper audit log. Existing systems have many and different Read more about Scanning for Logs to Be Secured by SentinelTrails[…]


Technology-Driven Compliance

“Compliance” may sound boring and useless – consultants and lawyers are telling you how you should do things and then go around with checklists to see if everything fits a predefined vision of how a certain business should operate. And there are all sorts of compliance requirements – from regulations (GDPR, PSD2, AML, Regulation (EU) Read more about Technology-Driven Compliance[…]

Privileged access management solutions

Protecting On-Premise Audit Trail

Many large organizations prefer to have their audit trail stored within their own infrastructure. Due to their structure and policies they are reluctant to use cloud services. Using a cloud service has the additional benefit of responsibility segregation – your sysadmins may not have the right to delete logs from the cloud provider infrastructure. Having Read more about Protecting On-Premise Audit Trail[…]


LogSentinel Won DigitalK’s 2019 Prize Reward

LogSentinel Won DigitalK’s Big Prize LogSentinel is the big winner of DigitalK – the technological conference organised by Capital along with NEVEQ and LaunchHub. LogSentinel’s blockchain solution for sensitive data protection and tampering. As a DigitalK grand winner, the company received 10,000 EUR reward, no strings attached. To get shortlisted across 100+ competitors Over 100+ international applicants Read more about LogSentinel Won DigitalK’s 2019 Prize Reward[…]


Try SentinelTrails In Your Heroku Deployment

We are happy to announce that you can now use SentinelTrails in your Heroku deployments. The SentinelTrails addon can be found here. SentinelTrails is a blockchain-enabled secure audit trail. It will help you take control over the data you store, and will ease your log management and monitoring. Features of SentinelTrails Unmodifiable evidence – the Read more about Try SentinelTrails In Your Heroku Deployment[…]

IAM and blockchain usecases for enterprises

Blockchain Use-Cases for IAM

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is core to many enterprise architectures. Centralizing the authentication is mandatory once you have more than a few systems, and IAM providers fill that requirement nicely. On first thought it might seem blockchain has nothing to do with IAM. But that would not be entirely correct. There are two aspects Read more about Blockchain Use-Cases for IAM[…]


SentinelDB Honored with Compliance Management Software Awards by Premier Directory for Business Software

At LogSentinel, we are passionate about giving our clients the top-notch data protection they need. This is why we are proud to announce that FinancesOnline, a premier directory for business software, has certified us with the prestigious  2019 Rising Star Award and the 2019 Premium Usability Award. In their evaluation of the SentinelDB features, experts Read more about SentinelDB Honored with Compliance Management Software Awards by Premier Directory for Business Software[…]

LogSentinel Pioneers Govtech certificate

LogSentinel Wins the Cyber Security Award by Pioneers

2019 starts fantastic for LogSentinel: onboarding some of the Fortune100 companies like IBM, getting SentinelDB on the market, and scoping projects with new partners and clients. The latest great recognition we received was related with the GovTech.Pioneers event. The GovTech.Pioneers event: Manifesting innovation Europe’s leading GovTech event organized by Pioneers gathered together forward-thinking politicians, public CIOs and Read more about LogSentinel Wins the Cyber Security Award by Pioneers[…]