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How to Protect Your SAP Audit Logs

Most large enterprises are using SAP’s ERP system. And the larger the enterprise is, the more compliance requirements it has to cover. This means, in part, that it’s vital to have the SAP Security Audit Log enabled, properly configured and properly protected. What is SAP Security Audit Log and How to Turn It On The Read more about How to Protect Your SAP Audit Logs[…]

Non-Repudiation of Logs and Blockchain

Why You Need Non-Repudiation of Logs and How Blockchain Helps

Non-repudiation is a key property in many contexts – it means that the author of some message cannot deny that they produced the message. This property has a particular meaning in the context of audit trail and logs in general. As pointed out by Eric Knapp: Non[-]repudiation refers to the process of ensuring that a Read more about Why You Need Non-Repudiation of Logs and How Blockchain Helps[…]


How To Cover HIPAA Security Rule Regarding Audit Trail

HIPAA, the US healthcare regulation, has some rigid requirements about data security and privacy. That aligns perfectly with LogSentinel’s mission so we decided to help our customers in their HIPAA compliance efforts by providing a clear mapping between HIPAA requirements and SentinelTrails functionality. # Requirement SentinelTrails Functionality §164.312. Technical safeguards 1. (b) Standard: Audit controls. Read more about How To Cover HIPAA Security Rule Regarding Audit Trail[…]

Log Collection - track what you have never tracked before

Track Events You Have Not Tracked Before

There are a lot of products that allow collecting data, aggregating it and displaying it for security or monitoring purposes. That includes SIEMs (Security information and event management systems), UEBAs (User and entity behavior analytics), log collectors and catch-all multi-purpose data platforms (like Splunk). And when you check what sources of data they support, it Read more about Track Events You Have Not Tracked Before[…]

Database Security and CCPA Compliance

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is the new privacy law in California that affects a lot of organizations due to its extraterritorial effect. We have already covered CCPA with a high-level overview, covering what is it about, who is bounded to comply with it, what are the penalties and what technical safeguards need are required. Read more about Database Security and CCPA Compliance[…]

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Lessons Learned from the Biggest FinTech Breaches

The FinTech industry is rapidly growing and although it has seen a decrease in the number of deals in recent months, it still maintains a good growth pace. It has proven to be a field that raises successful startup companies as 48 FinTech unicorns are valued at the tremendous amount of 187 billion dollars, 7 Read more about Lessons Learned from the Biggest FinTech Breaches[…]

[Ebook] Audit Trail: Benefits Beyond Forensics

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Dutch-Bulgarian Security Startup LogSentinel Raised €1M to Guard Sensitive Data From Breaches

LogSentinel raised €1M to expand market opportunities so the company can take information security to a brand new level globally. LogSentinel will aim to expand fast on the global market, focusing on the company’s three main business verticals – FinTech, HealthTech and GovTech.