Audit Trail

Audit trail Category: Learn more about audit trail, how to protect it, and how to use it as digital evidence in court.


SentinelTrails Is Now Available On Heroku Beta

The SentinelTrails add-on, LogSentinel’s blockchain-protected, secure audit trail, is now available on Heroku marketplace, starting at $0/mo. Swiftly deploy SentinelTrails add-on using Heroku, and ensure that all your logs, data and documents are protected.  SentinelTrails Features Immutable Evidence The blockchain-based technology does not allow any… Read More »SentinelTrails Is Now Available On Heroku Beta


Track Events You Have Not Tracked Before

There are a lot of products that allow collecting data, aggregating it and displaying it for security or monitoring purposes. That includes SIEMs (Security information and event management systems), UEBAs (User and entity behavior analytics), log collectors and catch-all multi-purpose data platforms (like Splunk). And when you… Read More »Track Events You Have Not Tracked Before