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SIEM: Security Information and Event Management

This category contains articles related to security information trends and tips, as well as event management best practices and guidelines.

The Three Pillars of SIEM

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We have built our LogSentinel SIEM around some core principles and we’d like to share and explain them. Every organization can get value from SIEM SIEM is considered expensive and complicated and generally not fit for smaller organizations (and “smaller” can mean anything from a… Read More »The Three Pillars of SIEM

SIEM Solutions and Data Protection Compliance

SIEM Solutions and Data Protection Compliance

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SIEMs can help detect different kinds of issues related to information security. Some of these issues are vital to the organization as they affect confidential data, or can even lead to personal data leaks.

Why Are SIEMs Expensive and How To Choose Affordable SIEM

Why Are SIEMs Expensive?

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Top Reasons Why SIEMs Are Considered Expensive SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems have a reputation for being expensive. And that’s generally correct – they can cost hundreds of thousands per year or have huge upfront costs. But why is that? There are several… Read More »Why Are SIEMs Expensive?


Evolving to SIEM

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LogSentinel was founded several years ago with the vision of improving security for everyone and an initial goal of protecting audit log integrity. Initially, we implemented and scaled state-of-the-art research to guarantee the integrity of logs – through hash chains, merkle trees, timestamps and, ultimately,… Read More »Evolving to SIEM


SIEM Buyer’s Guide for SMEs

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You have probably seen many other SIEM buyer’s guides and realized that they are focused on large multinationals and Fortune 500 companies and you find them hard to relate to. However, the SIEM products are no longer targeted just at large corporations (despite the fact… Read More »SIEM Buyer’s Guide for SMEs

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Log Integrity: How SIEMs Address the Issue and Is It Enough?

Log Integrity Capabilities of SIEMs Log integrity and non-repudiation are key properties of audit logs. As SIEMs are usually the way to collect audit logs (among many other things) in large organizations, we have to make sure they give us those properties. We have discussed previously that it’s not… Read More »Log Integrity: How SIEMs Address the Issue and Is It Enough?

Log Collectors - SIEM, Audit Trail, UEBA, Forensics logs

Log Collectors Landscape: SIEM, Log Collectors, UEBA, and Audit Trail

Logs are ubiquitous in IT – they are semi-structured pieces of information about the behavior of a system and its users. Many standards, regulations and best practices assume and require the existence of logs. Consequently, many systems collect those logs and make use of them for… Read More »Log Collectors Landscape: SIEM, Log Collectors, UEBA, and Audit Trail


Track Events You Have Not Tracked Before

There are a lot of products that allow collecting data, aggregating it, and displaying it for security or monitoring purposes. That includes SIEMs (Security information and event management systems), UEBAs (User and entity behavior analytics), log collectors, and catch-all multi-purpose data platforms (like Splunk). And… Read More »Track Events You Have Not Tracked Before