LogSentinel’s Blockchain Solution is Now Powering Bulgarian eGovernment

LogSentinel’s solution will supercharge the eGovernment information security in Bulgaria by providing a secure audit trail to help protect the personal data of all Bulgarian citizens.

The country’s State e-Government Agency implements LogSentinel’s software solution to prevent the misuse of personal data through modern cryptographic technologies, including blockchain. Every request to all government databases in Bulgaria that passes through the centralized RegiX connectivity component will be logged and stored securely in a blockchain data structure. This means that any attempt to change or delete a log of access to personal data is virtually impossible, ensuring reliable, up-to date data protection. In addition to that, the product provides real-time data and activity monitoring capabilities and supports a broad range of user-defined fraud-detection rules.

An unlimited LogSentinel product license was granted to the state agency as a donation from the LogSentinel’s CEO Bozhidar Bozhanov and accepted by the e-Government Chairman Atanas Temelkov on May 30th, 2018. Such a practice is a first in Bulgarian history but is inspired by Estonian companies who granted the Estonian state their solutions. We will ensure the successful transition by providing free training sessions for government employees empowering them to take full advantage of the product.



Atanas Temelkov and Bozhidar Bozhanov shake hands after the agreement with the eGovernment was signed


This solution can be used by all public administrations depending on their readiness to integrate it.

The regulatory requirements for a secure audit trail are set out in national legislation and will also help the Bulgarian e-Government demonstrate GDPR readiness and best practices for applying technical innovations. The General Data Protection Regulation has recently raised lots of data protection-related questions in terms of information systems, breaches and secure data portability. Lots of EU-based medium and large companies struggle with the same issues that are found in the public sector. “We hope that success stories like the Bulgarian e-Government one can be an inspiration for many companies to find a way to better protect their records and inspire customer trust” said Mr. Bozhanov in a joint presentation with the e-Government agency.


Blockchain-based technology is now finding a new niche to showcase its efficiency pave the way towards a new information security standard in the coming years. Combining the power of blockchain with state-of-the-art data protection techniques has the potential to unleash a new era of more secure data and help regain the trust between people and those who need their data to excel in delivering value. 

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