Releasing SentinelDB, the Privacy By Design Database

Data breaches are happening practically every day. Reputations are damaged, customers are unhappy and regulators are more and more demanding. Data protection is no longer just a hassle that the legal department has to handle – it must be an integral part of each software system.

That’s why we leveraged our in-depth experience with GDPR and other privacy regulations and designed a cloud-based datastore that addresses the majority of practical concerns when it comes to data protection, following the best practices of GDPR and other data protection acts. A solution that turns “privacy by design” into something tangible.


We are happy to announce our new product – SentinelDB, the privacy by design database. It lets you store personal data without thinking about compliance – just send us all personal data and we’ll take care of it.

How? Through our three core features:

    • Per-record encryption – having data encrypted is nice, but doesn’t protect against many types of data breaches. This is why we took it a step further – we encrypt every record separately, using a secure key hierarchy. This serves as effective data breach protection as the risk for breaches is significantly reduced due to the inability to extract large amounts of data at once.
    • Blockchain-backed audit trail – we utilized our SentinelTrails solution to make sure that each access and each modification of data is securely tracked without the possibility of being deleted or modified. That way we protect the integrity of data and prove auditors with a tool to inspect how was personal data used. On top of that, we provide fraud detection so that you get notified when anomalous behavior is detected when data access is concerned.
    • Zero-maintenance for customers – SentinelDB is a cloud-based datastore and as such can scale horizontally in case your application load increases. It’s also highly available, ensuring no downtime. Furthermore, it handles encrypted backups automatically. Overall, you don’t have to do anything to maintain it – simply send the proper data and we’ll handle all the maintenance.

The full list of features can be found in our documentation and includes user management, two-factor authentication, search in encrypted data, the full history of the stored data, GDPR-specific operations like anonymization and pseudonymization, and more. Below you can see the overall architecture of the solution.


“But we can’t change our current database” is a common and logical response to SentinelDB. The good news is – you don’t have to. You can keep all your non-personal data in your current system without any change. Just personal data should be stored in SentinelDB, leaving only an anonymous identifier in your current database. That way minimal change would be required even for existing systems, and we are always available to support that process.

Our vision is to make data protection seamless and provide businesses with a tool that gets compliance covered. Regulations like GDPR don’t have to be tedious and don’t have to mean increased risk for your business.

If you are interested in integrating SentinelDB, check our subscription plans, and get in touch.

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