LogSentinel Will Be Presenting SentinelDB at Startup Europe Summit

This Thursday, 15th of October, Startup Europe Summit 2018 will take place at Sofia. The event connects leading startup founders and tech leaders helping them to collaborate during the day. The list of the featured guests of the event includes Mariya Gabriel, Ana Brnabić, Zoran Zaev, Duško Marković, Simon Schaefer and Anja Monrad.
SES Summit 2018 Sofia

Image source: Startup Europe Summit 2018

What to Expect from Startup Europe Summit

Within the summit, guests will find out more about:
  • Latest news from EU & Tech Leaders

Tech leaders and lecturers will talk about the new business and technology trends, discovering new horizons in terms of funding and support programs.
  • “Business first”

If you are looking for an investment or a partnership opportunity, Startup Europe Summit is the best place to do so. Investors, key decision makers, CEOs and tech leaders from all around the EU will be there to connect with each other.
  • Ecosystem building

This Summit’s mission is to connect the right people efficiently and effectively.

LogSentinel at Startup Europe Summit

LogSentinel has been selected among the enterprises that will present their innovative solutions at the Startup Europe Summit 2018 Conference. SentinelDB, LogSentinel’s ‘Privacy by Design’ database will be released soon. The main focus of this database is ensuring regulation compliance by using per-record encrypted, blockchain-protected secure technology. Therefore, SentinelDB will offer compliance-as-a-service using advanced cryptography, top-notch machine learning and undisputable legal strength. The key strengths of SentinelDB include:
  • Compliance and security as a service
  • Encryption per record
  • Runs on the cloud
  • Fast and reliable queries
  • Search in encrypted data
  • Scalable
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Future-proof technology
The participants of Startup Europe Summit will be among the first ones who will get to know more about the features of the secure database.  

Who Else Will Be There

Companies like EDIT, Tradex, Escreo, Dronamics, Evrotrust, ReLoyalty,  LimeChain, Amplify Analytix and SIMBOUND will present their products and views about the digital future. Guests will be able to find out more about cyber security, PSD2, AI. Furthermore, different case studies of using blockchain for decreasing business risks will be outspread. Everyone who is interested in the event can still register on the Startup Europe Summit 2018 Registration Form.
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