SentinelTrails Is Now Available On Heroku Beta

The SentinelTrails add-on, LogSentinel’s blockchain-protected, secure audit trail, is now available on Heroku marketplace, starting at $0/mo.

Swiftly deploy SentinelTrails add-on using Heroku, and ensure that all your logs, data and documents are protected. 

Sentinel Trails Add-on at Heroku

SentinelTrails Features

Immutable Evidence

The blockchain-based technology does not allow any log manipulation and therefore your logs are kept safe.

24/7 Log Monitoring

Rich visualization and reporting capabilities help you analyse everything that happens in real time.

Undisputable Compliance

Meet the logging requirements of multiple standards and regulations, such as GDPR, PSD2, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, CCPA, HIPAA, NIST. 

Simple integration

Easy and straightforward RESTful API as well as ready-to-use plugins for various systems.

Real-Time Notification

The AI-based fraud and anomaly detection will keep you notified if any malicious activities happen in your systems.

Intuitive Control

Co-relate your processing activities with what actually happens to your systems and take full control on the operations critical to your business.

How to Install SentinelTrails via Heroku

You can test SentinelTrails free, or install it on your Heroku Deployment. Simply go to SentinelTrails’ Heroku profile and click on “Install SentinelTrails”

For more instructions, check out our article on how to install SentinelTrails on your Heroku deployment  or review the Heroku documentation of SentinelTrails.

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