Try SentinelTrails In Your Heroku Deployment

We are happy to announce that you can now use SentinelTrails in your Heroku deployments. The SentinelTrails addon can be found here.

SentinelTrails is a blockchain-enabled secure audit trail. It will help you take control of the data you store and will ease your log management and monitoring.

Features of SentinelTrails

  • Unmodifiable evidence – the blockchain-based technology does not allow any log changes or deletion and therefore your logs are kept safe
  • 24/7 Log Monitoring – rich visualization capabilities of your logs and detailed analysis of everything that happens in real-time
  • Simple integration – easy and straightforward RESTful API as well as ready-to-use plugins for various systems.

SentinelTrails’ Heroku Deployment

To ensure easy and smooth integration of your SentinelTrails, you can try it via Heroku.

If your application is running on Heroku and you want to get the blockchain audit trail on your database, add SentinelTrails to your project by typing in:

> heroku addons:create sentineltrails:free

To achieve better security on their end, Heroku requires the first few users to be invited, so if an invite is required, drop us a message at and we’ll send you an invitation.

After the add-on is installed, Heroku logs will automatically flow to SentinelTrails. Additionally, if you want to use our API, the API credentials are available as environment variables: SENTINELTRAILS_ORGANIZATION_ID and SENTINELTRAILS_ORGANIZATION_SECRET

Furthermore, you can use our  SentinelTrails RestFUL API  which will help you map your logs easily and intuitively.

Our SentinelTrails Getting Started Documentation will help you set up the application quickly and effortlessly, but if you need any assistance with the setup our technical team will be glad to help.

To achieve full regulatory compliance in a cost and time-efficient way, you can additionally try SentinelDB on your Heroku deployment.

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