Log Collectors - SIEM, Audit Trail, UEBA, Forensics logs

Log Collectors Landscape: SIEM, Log Collectors, UEBA, and Audit Trail

Logs are ubiquitous in IT – they are semi-structured pieces of information about the behavior of a system and its users. Many standards, regulations and best practices assume and require the existence of logs. Consequently, many systems collect those logs and make use of them for various purposes. Too often organizations have just one tool Read more about Log Collectors Landscape: SIEM, Log Collectors, UEBA, and Audit Trail[…]

Privileged access management solutions

Protecting On-Premise Audit Trail

Many large organizations prefer to have their audit trail stored within their own infrastructure. Due to their structure and policies they are reluctant to use cloud services. Using a cloud service has the additional benefit of responsibility segregation – your sysadmins may not have the right to delete logs from the cloud provider infrastructure. Having Read more about Protecting On-Premise Audit Trail[…]


SIEM Solutions and Data Protection Compliance

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems are vital to each organisation. They transform simple event logs from various applications to detailed, in-depth behaviour analysis thanks to advanced visualizations and analytics and sometimes machine learning and AI.¬†They contain a palette of aspects covering the most crucial information security issues. The final goal is achieving full Read more about SIEM Solutions and Data Protection Compliance[…]


Election Security and the Importance of Audit Trail

A recent EU report on the cybersecurity of elections has warned member states of potential threats for the upcoming European elections. The US midterms are just a week away and concerns about the integrity of the election process are mounting. Even though very few countries vote online, practically every country and every state have at Read more about Election Security and the Importance of Audit Trail[…]