Protecting Privacy
for Good

We trully believe that people’s basic right to privacy needs to be protected by leveraging advanced technology.

Blockchain Use Case

Our product leverage the blockchain technology where it fits best – unmodifiability of data, and we do not try to fit it just for the sake of it.

Internal R&D

We do our own research for our products and find innovative ways to solve problems no one has solved before.

in What We Do

We aspire to inspire our employees, partners, and the wider ecosystem around us to deliver excellence.

About LogSentinel

LogSentinel is an innovative software company that develops complex products in the field of cybersecurity. The company’s idea is to grow as one of the leading SIEM and solution providers on a global level in the next couple of years. We are using best practices in our work and modern technologies to ensure our products’ high value and reliability. Our everyday work culture is informal, and we believe people perform best when leading a balanced and active lifestyle. We believe that talent is leading innovation, so we welcome everyone that is looking to grow professionally in the promising field of cybersecurity.

Interested in joining our team? Email us your CV at

Interested in joining us?

Do you want to solve problems no one has solved before? Are you interested in working with the most advanced technologies? If you didn’t find a position opening that fits your profile but you are not afraid of a challenge and think we would make a great team, email us your CV at