Digital Evidence Chain of Custody for Law Enforcement

Business Challenge

A law enforcement agency needs to protect the integrity of its digital evidence and be able to prove that chain of custody has not been broken.

Typical case management systems have only superficial integrity protection mechanisms that can be easily circumvented by a privileged insider or a malicious actor.

Chain of Custody digital evidence


LogSentinel SIEM is integrated with the case management system to provide immutability of the audit log and all stored digital evidence.

The secure electronic timestamping used, combined with other cryptographic methods, allows the agency to prove that chain of custody has not been broken.

Key Benefits

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Chain of custody

The cryptographically protected and eIDAS compliant audit log guarantees that chain of custody has not been broken

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The inability of privileged users to cover their tracks serves as a deterrence for
tampering with evidence

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The rule-based and machine learning anomaly detection is used to alert the infosec team on unusual behavior

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