Voter Registration Database Protection

Business Challenge

Election officials need to make sure the voter registration database for an upcoming election is not maliciously tampered with, which can disrupt the voting process.

Voter registration databases usually lack tamper protection which makes them vulnerable to silent modifications that are not discovered until it’s too late. Regular backups only help if you are able to detect malicious modifications in order to know when to restore a backup

Voter Database Protection


LogSentinel SIEM is integrated with the voter registration database to store and cryptographically protect the integrity of all records by storing a trace of all legitimate modifications.

Regular checks are performed to compare the audit trail to the current state and any mismatch is immediately flagged. The built-in anomaly detection flags suspicious modification and access patterns.

Key Benefits

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Being able to detect malicious tampering with voter registration data in a timely manner is crucial for fair elections

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Malicious actors and privileged users can’t modify data and leave undetected due to the strong integrity guarantees

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Pre- and post-election audits are made simpler. Additionally, the current state of the voter registration database can be verified independently by anyone

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