Database Monitoring for a Financial Institution

Business Challenge

Databases are at the core of an organization’s business and unauthorized changes to their structure and data can lead to significant losses.

Large organizations usually have many types of databases accessible by different administrators. If their actions are not securely logged, they can modify critical elements of the database that hurts the business. And existing SIEMs aren’t always able to collect the audit logs in a useful way.



LogSentinel SIEM was integrated with all databases of a financial institution to provide audit log collection, monitoring and anomaly detection.

The visibility and immutability provided by audit trail allow the financial institution to be confident about the business continuity and to be compliant with mounting regulations.

Key Benefits

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Giving the infosec team full visibility on who and what is modifying data and structure in databases

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Proactively detect anomalous behavior and potential manipulation of data by privileged users or applications

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Use the collected information for an efficient forensic investigation in case of a security incident

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