Digital Transformation Happens Too Fast to Be Secure

Digital transformation is the process of turning paper-based processes into digital ones or even completely eliminating unnecessary steps via automation. Digital transformation is innovation, but not in the “flying cars”, “trips to Mars”, “brain-computer-interface” type of innovation. It’s a mundane, often boring organizational innovation that has very little technical complexity and a much higher human-and-process Read more about Digital Transformation Happens Too Fast to Be Secure[…]


Technology-Driven Compliance

“Compliance” may sound boring and useless – consultants and lawyers are telling you how you should do things and then go around with checklists to see if everything fits a predefined vision of how a certain business should operate. And there are all sorts of compliance requirements – from regulations (GDPR, PSD2, AML, Regulation (EU) Read more about Technology-Driven Compliance[…]

Privileged access management solutions

Protecting On-Premise Audit Trail

Many large organizations prefer to have their audit trail stored within their own infrastructure. Due to their structure and policies they are reluctant to use cloud services. Using a cloud service has the additional benefit of responsibility segregation – your sysadmins may not have the right to delete logs from the cloud provider infrastructure. Having Read more about Protecting On-Premise Audit Trail[…]


LogSentinel Won DigitalK’s 2019 Prize Reward

LogSentinel Won DigitalK’s Big Prize LogSentinel is the big winner of DigitalK – the technological conference organised by Capital along with NEVEQ and LaunchHub. LogSentinel’s blockchain solution for sensitive data protection and tampering. As a DigitalK grand winner, the company received 10,000 EUR reward, no strings attached. To get shortlisted across 100+ competitors Over 100+ international applicants Read more about LogSentinel Won DigitalK’s 2019 Prize Reward[…]

How will CCPA change business landscape

How will CCPA change the business landscape?

What is California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a privacy act which becomes effective at the beginning of 2020. The act aims to help California residents to regain control over their personal data, giving them the rights to: Know what data a business collected on them Right to object to Read more about How will CCPA change the business landscape?[…]

HIPAA IT Compliance | Main Things You Need to Know

HIPAA IT Compliance Guide: Main Things You Need to Consider

What is HIPAA HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA provides data privacy and security measures for safeguarding medical information such as biometric data, patient health history, etc. It was signed into law in the year 1996, by President Bill Clinton. The act contains five titles covering: Prevention of group health plans Read more about HIPAA IT Compliance Guide: Main Things You Need to Consider[…]

Acronis Conference IT Security

Best Practices of Developing Secure Software (Acronis Cyber Protection Conference)

A Cyber Protection Developers Conference organized by Acronis was held yesterday at the Sofia University (Bulgaria). Driven by the rising need of increasing cybersecurity and data protection measures, Acronis dedicated the conference to resolving issues such as improving the overall security of products and unlocking IT potential. How to unlock the IT potention of Bulgaria? Read more about Best Practices of Developing Secure Software (Acronis Cyber Protection Conference)[…]

Privacy by Design in practice

Privacy by Design in Practice

The past year saw the acceleration of two already important information security trends: the ever-increasing threat of data breaches  a rising consumer and regulatory oversight on corporate data processing. Indeed, the year was not a good one for privacy – high profile data breaches range from the Marriott Hotels (500 million people), through marketing firm’s Read more about Privacy by Design in Practice[…]

Reasons not to ignore data integrity

3 Reasons Not To Ignore Data Integrity

Data integrity, or the certainty that data has not been modified, is important in many cases – from communication protocols, through low-level data storage systems, to business-critical databases. Due to our reliance on the data we have, we need to guarantee it hasn’t been tampered with before we use it to take any decision. Unfortunately, Read more about 3 Reasons Not To Ignore Data Integrity[…]


Comparison: LogSentinel vs Splunk vs Loggly, etc.

Logs – every system has them, but companies don’t usually pay much attention to them. At least not until a problem occurs. Log aggregation solutions come handy in many scenarios – tracing production issues, alerting on service degradation, fixing bugs, forensics, fraud detection. We’ve argued, however, that logs have a dual nature – on the Read more about Comparison: LogSentinel vs Splunk vs Loggly, etc.[…]