NIST: Digital Identity Requires Secure Audit Trail

Digital Identity is a hot topic and is applicable to a wide range of scenarios. Virtually any organization has some form of digital identity in order to authenticate its employees, and some organizations, like banks and governments, have been identity providers to millions of people for a while now. Two years ago, the US National Read more about NIST: Digital Identity Requires Secure Audit Trail[…]

Protecting documents on blockchain

Protecting Documents Against Fraud and Manipulation With Blockchain

Documents are at the center of many organizational processes. They make processes traceable and people accountable. However, documents are by default not protected from manipulation – anyone with access to a document can modify it and it will be hard to reconstruct the original document. Indeed, document fraud is often performed in such a trivial Read more about Protecting Documents Against Fraud and Manipulation With Blockchain[…]

Scanning for logs security

Scanning for Logs to Be Secured by SentinelTrails

Audit logs are a core component for the security of every system – without them there’s no visibility of who did what and for what purpose. There are audits, there are forensic investigations after security incidents, there’s compliance – all of that is impossible without a proper audit log. Existing systems have many and different Read more about Scanning for Logs to Be Secured by SentinelTrails[…]

Privileged access management solutions

Protecting On-Premise Audit Trail

Many large organizations prefer to have their audit trail stored within their own infrastructure. Due to their structure and policies they are reluctant to use cloud services. Using a cloud service has the additional benefit of responsibility segregation – your sysadmins may not have the right to delete logs from the cloud provider infrastructure. Having Read more about Protecting On-Premise Audit Trail[…]


Try SentinelTrails In Your Heroku Deployment

We are happy to announce that you can now use SentinelTrails in your Heroku deployments. The SentinelTrails addon can be found here. SentinelTrails is a blockchain-enabled secure audit trail. It will help you take control over the data you store, and will ease your log management and monitoring. Features of SentinelTrails Unmodifiable evidence – the Read more about Try SentinelTrails In Your Heroku Deployment[…]

IAM and blockchain usecases for enterprises

Blockchain Use-Cases for IAM

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is core to many enterprise architectures. Centralizing the authentication is mandatory once you have more than a few systems, and IAM providers fill that requirement nicely. On first thought it might seem blockchain has nothing to do with IAM. But that would not be entirely correct. There are two aspects Read more about Blockchain Use-Cases for IAM[…]

audit trail in practice

What is an Audit Trail in IT Context?

An audit trail (or audit log) is something both intuitive and misleading at the same time. There are many definitions of an audit trail, and all of them give you an idea of what it is about: A system that traces the detailed transactions relating to any item in an accounting record. A record of Read more about What is an Audit Trail in IT Context?[…]

Reasons not to ignore data integrity

3 Reasons Not To Ignore Data Integrity

Data integrity, or the certainty that data has not been modified, is important in many cases – from communication protocols, through low-level data storage systems, to business-critical databases. Due to our reliance on the data we have, we need to guarantee it hasn’t been tampered with before we use it to take any decision. Unfortunately, Read more about 3 Reasons Not To Ignore Data Integrity[…]

Compliant Audit Logs

Flexible Log Collection: Configuring The LogSentinel Agent

When audit logs are concerned, there are many ways to generate and collect them. Ideally, audit logs are generated in code, depending on the business logic of each application and sent for secure storage to another service, like SentinelTrails. However, refactoring a system to include dedicated audit log functionality may not be feasible, as there Read more about Flexible Log Collection: Configuring The LogSentinel Agent[…]


Comparison: LogSentinel vs Splunk vs Loggly, etc.

Logs – every system has them, but companies don’t usually pay much attention to them. At least not until a problem occurs. Log aggregation solutions come handy in many scenarios – tracing production issues, alerting on service degradation, fixing bugs, forensics, fraud detection. We’ve argued, however, that logs have a dual nature – on the Read more about Comparison: LogSentinel vs Splunk vs Loggly, etc.[…]