Comparison: LogSentinel vs Splunk vs Loggly, etc.

Logs – every system has them, but companies don’t usually pay much attention to them. At least not until a problem occurs. Log aggregation solutions come handy in many scenarios – tracing production issues, alerting on service degradation, fixing bugs, forensics, fraud detection. We’ve argued, however, that logs have a dual nature – on the Read more about Comparison: LogSentinel vs Splunk vs Loggly, etc.[…]


Election Security and the Importance of Audit Trail

A recent EU report on the cybersecurity of elections has warned member states of potential threats for the upcoming European elections. The US midterms are just a week away and concerns about the integrity of the election process are mounting. Even though very few countries vote online, practically every country and every state has at Read more about Election Security and the Importance of Audit Trail[…]


GDPR Logging Requirements

The hype about GDPR is dying off, as apparently the world didn’t end on May 25th. However, best practices in data protection are still valid, and we’d like to focus on logging as one of them. The Regulation isn’t explicitly talking about logs, however many data protection authorities consider logs to be a good way Read more about GDPR Logging Requirements[…]