Compliance Mappings

LogSentinel for GDPR Compliance

LogSentinel SIEM guarantee total protection of the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of your data as required by GDPR.

LogSentinel for HIPAA Compliance

With LogSentinel SIEM you benefit from the advantages of easy compliance reporting with high-level reports, meeting all HIPAA requirements.

LogSentinel for CCPA Compliance

LogSentinel SIEM export automatically all personal data for a given user without additional effort, fulfilling CCPA requests in a timely manner.

LogSentinel for PSD2 Compliance

The fraud detection capabilities of LogSentinel SIEM help you eliminate your security blind spots and achieve indisputable PSD2 compliance.

LogSentinel for SWIFT Compliance

As required by SWIFT, LogSentinel enables easy traceability for every action in every system. 

LogSentinel for SOX Compliance

LogSentinel provides a single and easy to use platform to ease SOX compliance.

LogSentinel for
PSI DSS Compliance

LogSentinel ensures real-time monitoring, reporting, and alerting on PSI DSS compliance.

LogSentinel NIST Compliance

LogSentinel’s incident detection features set you up on the way of achieving NIST compliance.