EHR Vault​

Digitize your health records and keep them secured

Health Records

No more scattered paper files, scans, CDs and semi-structured personal data

Security and
Data Protection

Record-level encryption for medical data and immutable audit trail of all operations

Regulatory Compliance

GDPR, HIPAA or other legislation that requires high level of security of health data - we cover it


Pull data from various sources via collector agent or RESTful APIs

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Eliminate Risk

EHR Vault encrypts each record separately so that no data breach can occur. By utilizing blockchain technology, we don’t allow anyone, even privileged users, to tamper with the audit trail, thus minimizing risk of internal fraud. We also employ anomaly detection, so in case of a fraudulent activity you will be alerted in real-time.

Save Time & Money

Building a compliant store for all health records and the mandatory audit trail from scratch is expensive and can take many months. EHR Vault can be integrated through an API and a collector agent with minimal changes to existing systems, infrastructure, processes and information flow. Your EHR storage is secure, scalable and compliant from the very first day.

Save time with ready to use compliant EHR Database
Dont Get Fined and Be HIPAA and GDPR Compliant

Don’t Get Fined

Standards and regulations require more than just simple encryption and collection of audit log – they define strong privacy requirements as well as integrity guarantees and analytical capabilities. Our EHR Vault is designed in such a way that it fully conforms to the privacy and data protection requirements (GDPR, HIPAA, etc) and let’s you focus on your core business.

Use Cases



Digitize and Protect Health Records Using AI and Encryption

Hospitals are where health records are created and updated. But too often records are either not digitized or they are not properly secured.

EHR Vault Helps Hospitals by:

  • Storing electronic health records: We follow international EHR standard for interoperable storage and use
  • Security and privacy: Using record-level encryption to protect sensitive health data
  • Compliance: Full audit trail on all actions within the register, letting you to prove GDPR or HIPPA compliance

Health Insurance

Store Medical Data Securely Ensuring Full Data Privacy

Health insurance companies need to store medical data about their clients. We allow for centralized secure storage and easy integration

EHR Vault Helps Insurers by:

  • Centralized medical data store: No more scattered pieces of the health data needed to provide the service
  • Security and privacy: Using record-level encryption to protect sensitive health data
  • Compliance: Full audit trail on all actions within the register, letting you to prove GDPR or HIPPA compliance
MedTech Compliance Coverage

MedTech Startups

Get Compliance Covered Utilizing Blockchain Technology and AI

Startups that deal with medical data need to comply with the same standards that apply to large players. EHR Vault makes that process easy.

EHR Vault Helps MedTechs by:

  • Compliance: get out-of-the-box GDPR and HIPAA compliance for the stored medical data
  • Ease of integration : save time to work on the core features of your product
  • Security and privacy: Get covered by by our record-level encryption and a secure audit trail
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Swiftly integrate ready-to-use, protected database with your  systems using RESTful API

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Full database flexibility: We can deploy it on your infrastructure or in the cloud

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Ensure up-to-date data security. You get new versions regularly and can easily perform upgrades.

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EHR Vault database works perfectly regardless of the volume of data and requests


Encryption in the Enterprise​

Privacy in Time of Pandemic

How to Store Personal Health Information Securely​

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Build Your Next Health Register!

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