Epic Games Turning on 2FA – The Rise of The InfoSec Awareness

Crunchbase announced that Epic Games have implemented a 2FA in a very innovative way – Fortnite players can unlock a new emote by enabling two-factor authentication.

Raising information security awareness across the youngest Internet audience is a challenging journey and it seems that Epic Games are accepting the challenge!

Over 125  million users actively play Fortnite (Epic Games’ most successful game). On average, they spend 6 to 10 hours a week playing the game. These figures show that the high risk of a data breach event would mean a huge financial and reputational loss for the company. On the other hand, ensuring high-security standards is a must-have in 2018.

But they could have done it a lot easier – implementing a 2FA without asking. Like most of the big fish do nowadays. Instead, they took advantage to make it funnier and succeeded. This was the most trending search on Thursday:

Epic Games on Google Trends

Source: Google Trends

Incentivizing better security practices is a revolutionary step for a game producing organization. Not only they demonstrate a new, innovative approach for implementing best Information Security practices, but they also manage to improve the user journey by ensuring the accounts couldn’t be easily hacked.

Epic Games stand out and show the future of security in gaming, showing the way how to take advantage of every single step made in favor of improving information security.

More Ideas to Improve Information Security

As LogSentinel’s mission is to make the world a safer place, we also have a few information security-related ideas for the gaming industry:

  1. Make sure that you store activity logs securely – so no one, even an insider, can modify or delete them
  2. Most games accept online payments, which means that they need to be aware if PSD2, and possibly to comply with it. We have prepared this article in terms of PSD2 requirements for secure audit logs – so make sure that you have read it!
  3. To improve the user journey, you can use the same audit logs you use for security tracking. LogSentinel SIEM allows you to have an aggregated secure audit trail available for different account roles – so that you can grant access to your analytics team without actually giving them permission to modify what’s already set up
  4. GDPR compliance – as we said, high information security standards is a must-have. So is regulatory compliance. LogSentinel SIEM’s advanced tool allows you to have everything in one place – and be able to monitor activity, detect frauds, and record processing activities in accordance with GDPR.

If you too are interested to boost your information security and simplifying regulatory compliance, contact us today and request a demo:

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