A secure and compliant solution for registers in the public sector

Heavily customizable

Cover any legislative requirements by simple configuration of fields and processes

Secure and compliant​

With field-level encryption and unmodifiable audit trail you cover all security and privacy standards and regulations (GDPR, NIS Directive, ISO 27001)

Open and transparent

Allows citizens to interact with the register via e-services and exports open data to cover transparency requirements

and flexible

Easy integration within a larger e-government ecosystem through semantically-interoperable APIs

GovRegister- government database security

Get a register fast

GovRegister is a ready-to-deploy solution that can be up and running and serving public administration and citizens within weeks. No need to plan and procure year-long projects with heavy communication and unclear deliverables that only cover basic requirements.

Get truly secure

Data breaches and insider fraud are becoming a significant issue for data custodians. We know how important your data is, and we know how to protect it. Using our best-in-class field-level encryption combined with our secure audit trail solution, we deliver a truly secure and compliant register.

Protect Citizen Data from Breaches

Build trust in your institution​

Good, stable, compliant and transparent registers are an important building block for the institutions of tomorrow. Trust is built by protecting citizens’ data and providing them with the best service possible. And a good register is at the center of that – it can make or break a successful public institution.

Use Cases


Municipal properties register

Each municipality around the world has to support a register for all properties under its control.

GovRegister helps municipalities:

  • Customizable fields: making sure all data required by law is available in the register
  • GIS integration: position properties on geographic coordinates and display them on a map
  • Transparency: publish up-to-date information for citizens to review, including purchases and sales
Medical Data Government Protection

Medical staff

The healthcare system needs to list multiple experts in various registers: doctors, nurses, pharmacists,etc.

GovRegister helps by:

  • Quick setp: allows you to interactively define the data needed for each medical expert
  • Integration: automatically expose APIs for other systems to communicate with
  • Security: make sure nobody can add an unauthorized medical expert in the register
Education qualifications register​ security

Education qualifications register

Education institutions and ministries need to hold data on citizens and their respective education qualifications.

GovRegister helps by:

  • E-services: allow businesses to check the qualifications of their prospective employees
  • Seamlessly get data in: either import a bulk from an existing source or manually enter qualification data.
  • Data protection: make sure no data is leaked by internal or external actors
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Automatically expose convenient, citizen-focused e-services, protecting their data integrity with blockchain-secured audit trail

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Full Government Database Flexability: We can deploy it on your infrastructure or in the cloud

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Ensure up-to-date data security of your Government Register. You get new versions regularly and can easily perform upgrades

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The Government Register works perfectly regardless of the volume of data and requests


Webinar: Encryption in the Enterprise​

Privacy in Time of Pandemic

Blockchain and Open Data Transparency in audit trail​​

Let’s work together and
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Are you bothered about your citizen data integrity? Would you like to ensure full data protection, leveraging top-notch technologies such as Blockchain and AI? Talk to us today and let us help you run a good, stable, compliant and transparent GovRegister!