How Is LogSentinel SIEM Better?

Get simplicity, predictability and innovation

LogSentinel SIEM is a next-gen cloud-first SIEM that is easy to use by any organization, not just the large enterprise that can afford multiple teams of security analysts.

We don’t just offer a feature-packed security tool, we can transform your security, allowing you to easily extract the most value, with an easy to use UI in your native language .

Superior Business Model



Don’t get dragged into complex never-ending security projects where you doubt the value in the end. Get running with LogSentinel SIEM in weeks.



We give you an intuitive pricing model based on the number of active users, rather than fluctuating metrics like volume or IP addresses.

AI-based Anomaly Detection

Managed Service Friendly

We support managed security service providers with a natively multitenant product and a predictable MSSP pricing model

Simple SAAS Log Integration

Cloud Support

Monitor your hybrid infrastructure, including IaaS and SaaS services, don’t leave blind spots in your log and behavior analytics

Real Security Innovation


End-to-end Encryption

Send all logs without worrying about leaking sensitive business information. Encrypt everything so that even we can’t read it.


Ultimate Log Integrity

Achieve log integrity, non-repudiation and compliance with our state-of-the-art, blockchain-inspired technology

AI-based Anomaly Detection

Phishing Protection

Monitor your incoming emails and get alerted for phishing attacks, as phishing is the number one attack vector

Simple SAAS Log Integration


Monitor all websites and web applications you run for unauthorized script changes that can lead to data breaches

Twelve technical capabilities that differentiate SIEM solutions

LogSentinel SIEMOther Next-Gen SIEMLegacy SIEMFOSS
1. Collect logs and eventsYesYesYesYes
2. Real-time correlation rulesYesYesYesDIY
3. Real-time analytics and machine learningYesYesLimitedDIY
4. Historical analytics and machine learningYesYesLimitedDIY
5. Long-term event storageYesYesLimitedYes
6. Search and reporting on normalized dataYesYesYesYes
7. Search and reporting on raw dataYesYesComplexYes
8. Investion of context and application dataYesYesLimitedDIY
9. Log integrity and non-repudiationYesLimitedLimitedLimited
10. End-to-end log searchable encryptionYesNoNoNo
11. Open APIs and extensibilityYesYesNoYes
12. Attack vector-specific alertingYesLimitedComplexDIY