LogSentinel joins the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace

As an information security company, LogSentinel is committed to mitigating cyber threats leveraging the latest technologies including blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. We truly believe in the need for an initiative that is powerful enough to unite the public and the private sector across all countries on different continents in order to reinforce mutual actions towards securing cyberspace. To demonstrate our support for such collective action in the digital revolution, LogSentinel has signed the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace and thus showed LogSentinel’s full commitment to cooperate with governments, industries, and civil society to achieve the various priorities identified in the declaration.

About The Paris Call

The Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace (The Paris Call) was announced in November 2018 by the French President Emmanuel Macron at the Internet Governance Forum 2018. As a follow-up on the progress made to mitigate the risk of these issues the agreement will be reconvened on 12 November 2019, The Paris Call is a declaration of commitment to develop international common principles for securing cyberspace. Signatories collaborate to increase the security of digital products, enhancing collective protection against cybercrime, and encourage global cooperation for the stability of cyberspace. The agreement also welcomes the creation of international standards that enable organizations and their structures to improve cyber protection. As of today, more than 67 countries, including the entire EU, have joined the Paris Call, 139 international and civil society organizations, and 358 entities of the private sector.
As a company focused on cybersecurity, we endorse the Paris Call and its objectives to provide concrete measures to facilitate safe cyberspace that respects human rights and freedoms online. We believe that strengthening the security of IT tools and applications is a shared responsibility and a driver for technological progress. For these reasons, we are fully committed to improving the security of digital products and services and proclaim our enthusiasm and readiness to collaborate with the other Members.
Furthermore, we condemn malicious activities in the virtual world and especially those threatening critical infrastructure and individual’s sensitive data.

About LogSentinel

LogSentinel is an innovative company working in the field of information security and personal data protection. We help organizations improve their IT security processes to achieve a high level of compliance with legal regulations and information security standards. LogSentinel has two proprietary software products – SentinelTrails and SentinelDB – which aim to assist the public and the private sector to prevent data breaches.
SentinelDB is an advanced database built on the principle of privacy by design. It provides top-notch data security through sophisticated encryption and brings full compliance with data privacy regulations and standards. SentinelDB can store any type of data but is particularly useful for personal data and highly sensitive information as it provides per record encryption. SentinelTrails is integrated into the database to ensure real-time tracking of all changes and modifications.

SentinelTrails is a revolutionary solution for storing all digital business-related evidence in a private blockchain. This ensures that data is protected and cannot be tampered with. The capabilities for detecting anomalous behavior, including AI-driven functionalities, serve as further prevention against leakage of information by external and internal sources. Furthermore, SentinelTrails enables companies to track and monitor business processes through aggregated event reviews.  
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