LogSentinel SIEM for
Secure Videoconferencing

Protect video calls with LogSentinel SIEM

Since Work From Home is on the rise, cybersecurity has only become more challenging as more companies are moving toward a distributed work or a hybrid work model and need online tools to meet with colleagues and clients on a daily basis.

With LogSentinel SIEM, you will ensure that company secrets will not get leaked through a video conferencing tool. LogSentinel SIEM ensures integrity and confidentiality of your calls by instant notifications and automated response to detected attacks using sophisticated threat detection techniques.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor the volume of usage, administrator activity, who is joining the meetings, and what meetings are created, updated, and deleted in real-time


Detect and respond to videoconferencing threats immediately using built-in rules and machine learning

Data Insights and Visualizations

Gain insights by analyzing correlated data from videoconferencing tools and other sources with flexible custom queries and charts

Straightforward Integration

Start collecting logs from any video conferencing tool – Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting. Single-instance agent with simple configuration for the entire organization

Secure Videoconferencing​
Use Cases

Video Calls Security - access limitations

Meeting Access Limitations

Prevent employees from leaking their passwords and meeting links to alicious actors by access monitoring

Video Calls Security File and Link Sharing Detection

File and Link Sharing Detection

Detect attempts from attendees to share executable (.exe) files 

Video and screen sharing security

Video and Screen Sharing

Stop phishing attacks from spreading malware across your organization

Suspicious Activity Reporting video calls

Suspicious Activity Reporting

Monitor user behavior and detect anomalies that could constitute account takeovers or insider threats

Threat Detection and Response

Threat Detection and Response

Prevent suspicious users from joining a call by real-time threat detection and response


If you would like to clear compliance and boost the information security of your business, using a next- gen SIEM, that combines log management, behavior analytics (UEBA), threat detection and incident response into a complete security monitoring platform, get in touch now!