Sentinel Trails

Truly Compliant and Secure Audit Trail

Prevent internal fraud.
Monitor all systems.
Improve audits and forensics.

Unmodifiable Evidence

Our blockchain-based technology does not allow any audit trail changes or deletion even by privileged users.

Regulatory Compliance​

Meet the audit trail requirements of many standards and regulations: GDPR, PSD2, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOX, etc.

AI Anomaly Detection​

Real-time detailed analysis of everything that happens, as well as AI-driven anomaly detection will prevent any fraud attempts.


Straightforward agent or agentless integration of all existing systems, as well as a simple RESTful API

See everything. Know everything.
Be able to prove it all.

Have a unified command centre for real-time control and insight across all systems and users.  Demonstrate compliance at reduced operational cost and minimise effort on audit, forensics and fraud detection. Never again worry about the integrity of your critical data – we use blockchain so no one can ever tamper with it.

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How much can you save by using SentinelTrails?


Mitigate Risk

Monitor and correlate all your systems, and detect potential fraud in real-time using AI. Internal violation attempts will be reduced to a minimum since everyone knows they cannot cover their tracks.

Avoid Fines

Satisfy all log-related requirements for GDPR, ISO 27001, SOX, PCI-DSS, PDS2, NIS Directive, CCPA with blockchain-protected, unmodifiable audit trail. It can even serve as legitimate evidence in court proceedings.

Avoid GDPR Fines Using Log Protection
Cut Compliance and Infosec Costs

Cut Costs

Detect security threats and stop data breaches. Reduce time and cost of investigation, audit and reporting, legal expenses, the risk of fines and keep the reputation of your company intact.

Go Digital

Leverage the most advanced technologies – blockchain and AI, to make your compliance process efficient, lean and effective. Automate your most critical tasks and make time to focus on your business goals.

Go Digital with Blockchain and AI Protection
Cyber Security Value Calculator

Estimate Value

Calculate how much can you save by using SentinelTrails secure audit trail solution:

Use Cases

Case Study Financial Institutions Data Protection Fraud Detection

Financial Institutions

LogSentinel Helps You Be Compliant & Internally Protected, Leveraging Blockchain and AI
  • Unmodifiable audit trail that ensures compliance with the logging requirements of GDPR, PCI-DSS, PSD2, and required steps for KYC & AML are property followed. 
  • Reduced time of investigation: immediate notification in case of abuse. 
  • Mitigate internal fraud: the inability of privileged users to cover their tracks serves as a deterrence for doing fraud.
Case Ctudy Public Sector Data Protection

Public Sector

LogSentinel Helps You Protect PII from Breaches and Security Incidents, Detecting Fraud and Anomalies
  • Indisputable compliance with GDPR record-keeping requirements and NIS Directive logging requirements
  • Rule-based & AI-driven anomaly detection ensures no malicious activities will be left unnoticed.
  • Visibility – full, real-time observability on the user behavior across all IT systems.
  • Detailed GDPR register in accordance with Article 30 for both controllers and processors
Case Study Utility Provider Data Security

Utility Providers

LogSentinel Helps You Alleviate Auditing & Compliance Challenges utilizing Compliant Audit Trail
  • Full visibility, traceability,  and auditability of all internal processes
  • Audit log integrity to pass sophisticated internal and external audits
  • Compliance: the immutable audit trail makes legacy systems compliant with various standards and regulations.
  • Business analysis – individual and aggregated statistics for easy identification of business needs

Key Functionalities

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Audit Trail

Blockchain-protected immutability of data assets across all systems. Use as legitimate evidence for compliance, forensics, court proceedings.

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The powerful combination of rules engine and AI alerts about anomalies in real-time decreasing information security risk to a minimum.

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and Visibility ​​

Complete overview on every activity performed by any user across all company systems – who did what, when and where.

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Zero-chance of tampering with blockchain verification of the integrity of the documents, unmodifiable version control.

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With all log-related requirements of regulations and standards such as GDPR, ISO 27001, SOX, PCI-DSS, PSD2, HIPAA, NIS Directive.

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Painless Audit and Reporting​

Interactive real-time visualization and analytics, including full search & drill-down capabilities, as well as automated reporting.

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GDPR Processing
Register ​​

in accordance with Article 30 for both controllers and processors, centralizes all GDPR-related activities in one place.

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Time Stamp



Swiftly integrate ready-to-use, secure audit trail with new and existing systems via RESTful API, plugins, agents, etc.

On-Premise & Cloud Version

LogSentinel supports both - on-premise and cloud versions that cover the preferences of any organizations

Support and Maintenance

You will receive end-to-end integration, design, implementation, and support services


LogSentinel ensures sustainable performance with increasing volumes of stored digital events



If you would like to clear compliance and boost the information security of your business, utilizing top-notch technologies such as blockchain-protected audit trail and AI-powered anomaly detection, we are here for you! ​