Case Studies

AML & KYC Process Compliance
for a Bank

LogSentinel helps a large EU bank to provide auditability to its KYC and AML processes

GDPR Compliance For a Government Agency

A large government agency gets GDPR-compliant trace of accesses to personal data

Legacy System Security
for a Utility Provider

LogSentinel helps a large utility provider to monitor legacy systems

Legally Sound Digital Evidence
for a Bank

LogSentinel helps a
large bank provide
digital evidence

Internal Audit for a Digital Transformation Provider

LogSentinel helps a large digital
transformation provider with
passing an audit

Database Monitoring for a Financial Institution

LogSentinel helps a large financial institution to monitor its databases in a centralized command center and detect anomalous behaviour

Security Incident Detection for a Government Avency

LogSentinel helps a large government agency with detecting security incidents in real-time

NIS Directive Compliance for a Government Agency

LogSentinel helps a government agency with Network and Information Security directive compliance

Voter Registration Database

LogSentinel helps an
election body to protect voter
registration database

Digital Evidence Chain of Custody for Law Enforcement

LogSentinel helps a law enforcement agency protect chain of custody for digital evidence