Case Studies

AML & KYC Process Compliance
for a Bank

LogSentinel helps a large EU bank to provide auditability to its KYC and AML processes

GDPR Compliance For a Government Agency

A large government agency gets GDPR-compliant trace of accesses to personal data

Legacy System Security
for a Utility Provider

LogSentinel helps a large utility provider to monitor legacy systems

Legally Sound Digital Evidence
for a Bank

LogSentinel helps a
large bank provide
digital evidence

Internal Audit for a Digital Transformation Provider

LogSentinel helps a large digital
transformation provider with
passing an audit

Database Monitoring for a Financial Institution

LogSentinel helps a large financial institution to monitor its databases in a centralized command center and detect anomalous behaviour

Security Incident Detection for a Government Avency

LogSentinel helps a large government agency with detecting security incidents in real-time

NIS Directive Compliance for a Government Agency

LogSentinel helps a government agency with Network and Information Security directive compliance