AUDIT TRAIL: Benefits Beyond Forensics

Are you wondering what is an audit trail, which regulations require a secure audit trail, how it is used for fraud detection, risk management, or even business process management? Download this ebook to learn the benefits of audit trail across teams and functions.

The Essence of Privacy-by-Design

This ebook answers an essential data protection question – why is privacy-by-design so important? It reviews the seven privacy-by-design principles, their application in various data protection regulations and the practical side of the concept.

Keeping Critical Data Safe with Privacy-by-Design

In this ebook you will learn the most efficient strategies and tactics for implementation of privacy-by-design, as well as the main factors in analysing data security and how to address the biggest challenges that organisations face during the application phase.

Blockchain Document Protection

Protecting document integrity is one of the major challenges for most organizations. The systems used don’t usually allow detection of duplicate information, tracking modifications or detecting fraud attempts in real-time. This e-book reveals how you can leverage the blockchain technology to achieve ultimate document security. 

The Ultimate HIPAA IT Compliance Guide

Are you looking to make sense of your Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) obligations? This ebook covers the main HIPAA technical requirements and procedures for audit and access control. It reviews the key technical security safeguards to be adopted against unauthorized access to electronic PHI records.