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Enterprise SaaS
  • ✔ Pay per volume
  • ✔ Unlimited connected application
  • ✔ 6+ months active retention
  • ✔ 12+ months archive retention
  • ✔ Enterprise support
  • More features

On-Premise Installation
  • ✔ Per-core licensing
  • ✔ Unlimited connected applications
  • ✔ Unlimited retention
  • ✔ Unlimited archiving retention
  • ✔ Enterprise support
  • More features


Volume 50 MB / monthPay per volume, unmlimitedUnlimited
Application limit 1 applicationUnlimited applicationsUnlimited applications
Retention 3 months6+ months6+ months
Archive Retention 3 months12+ months12+ months
Trial Period Forever Free!14 days free trial
Number of users 1UnlimitedUnlimited
Identity Management
Centralized Logging
Any kind of logs
Drill down and filtering
Real Time Reporting and Analysis
Instant API Integration
Automated Parsing
Pushing “savepoints” via email and Twitter
Zapier Integration
GDPR Art. 30 Register
GDPR Register records Up to 5UnlimitedUnlimited
Advanced GDPR Compliance x
Statistics and reports x
3rd party API consumers x
Encrypted Log Search x
Pushing “savepoints” to Glacier xx
Pushing “savepoints” to Ethereum x
Real-time Anomaly Detection x
Custom event tracking rules xUnlimitedUnlimited
Alerts to multiple endpoints xUnlimitedUnlimited
Qualified timestamps x
Electronic signature verification x
“Auditor” role (view-only) x
Kibana integration xx
Email and chat support x
Ticketing System Support x
Priority support x
Personalized Implementation support x
Personalized account management x
End-to-end integration x