SIEM: Benefits and Pitfalls

Are you wondering when a SIEM is needed, what SIEMs are missing, and when do they fail to provide value? We’ll review concepts like alert fatigue, threat intelligence, audit log integrity, log privacy, and more. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn all about the SIEM’s benefits and pitfalls!

Encryption in the Enterprise

There is symmetric vs. asymmetric encryption, encryption at rest, in transit and in use, TDE vs. record-level encryption vs column/field level encryption, and key-encryption. All of these varieties serve different purposes and use-cases that we review  in detail in this on-demand webinar.

Privacy in Time of Pandemic

In light of the current situation, governments and companies developed contact tracing apps to help health authorities overcome the crisis. But are those newly developed systems aligned with all data protection regulations? Watch this webinar to find out!

Audit Trail in Large Organisations

Many organizations underestimate the importance of their audit trail integrity until a security incident takes place. In this webinar you will learn valuable insights on audit trail protection, integrity, addressing collection changes, and more!