The Privacy-by-Design,
GDPR-compliant Database


Data Breach Protection

Field-level encryption with a secure key hierarchy so that no data breach can occur​

Regulatory Compliance​

Covers all data protection and audit trail requirements (GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, NIST, PCI DSS, PSD2, ISO 27001)​


Full visibility on all systems with blockchain-protected immutable audit trail that uses AI to detect fraud​

Maintenance ​

We take care of scalability, high-availability, backups, etc. You just send and retrieve the data

Every Single Piece of Data. Encrypted.​

SentinelDB is designed to fully conform to the privacy and data protection requirements in GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and audit trail requirements of GDPR, NIST, PCI DSS, PSD2, ISO 27001.

  • Encryption per-record, not compromising productivity
  • Search in encrypted data
  • Blockchain-protected, immutable audit trail
  • Rule-based and AI-driven real-time anomaly detection
  • Built-in data privacy features fulfilling the “Privacy by Design” requirement of GDPR
  • Records of processing activities as per art.30 of GDPR
Eliminate Business risk by Advanced Data Encryption

Eliminate Risk

SentinelDB encrypts each record separately using field-level encryption with a secure key hierarchy so that no data breach can occur. By utilizing blockchain technology, we don’t allow anyone, even privileged users, to tamper with the audit trail, thus minimizing risk of internal fraud. In case of a fraud attempt you will be alerted in real-time.

Save Time and Money

Building a compliant database and audit trail from scratch is expensive and can take months. SentinelDB can be integrated through an API with minimal changes to existing systems, infrastructure, processes and information flow. Your product is secure, scalable and compliant from the very first day.

Save Time and Money from Database Development Outsourcing
Avoid Security Regulation Fines

Don’t Get Fined

Standards and regulations require more than just simple encryption and collection of audit log – they define required fields as well as integrity guarantees and analytical capabilities. SentinelDB is designed in such a way that it fully conforms to the privacy and data protection requirements and let’s you focus on your product development.

Database Security Use Cases


FinTech: Third-Party Database Requirements

FinTech companies are a top target for cyberattacks due to the high number of payment transactions. That’s why they need to comply with strict regulations such as PCI DSS and PSD2.

SentinelDB helps FinTech by:

  • Per-record data encryption: ensuring no one will be able to breach personal or payment data 
  • AI-driven anomaly detection ensures no malicious activities  will be left unnoticed
  •  Compliance with data protection requirements (GDPR) and audit trail requirements (PCI DSS, PSD2, GDPR)

Digital Health: Protect PHI from Breaches with New Generation Encryption

All digital health applications handle very sensitive PHI and have the responsibility towards patents and regulators to protect it with no compromise.

SentinelDB helps HealthTech by:

  • Keeping sensitive data safe with per-record encryption and blockchain-protected secure audit trail
  • Keeping digital evidence of every single action concerning a piece of sensitive PHI data 
  • Compliance with all necessary data protection regulations: GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, etc.

HR Tech: GDPR Compliance Challenges
for Applications Security

HR and Recruitment applications often struggle to protect the sensitive data they store. Building GDPR-compliant features is costly and time -consuming for them.

SentinelDB helps HR Tech by:

  • Unmodifiable audit trail of all accesses to personal data to meet GDPR record-keeping requirements 
  • Pre-defined rules and machine learning detect anomalies in the access patterns 
  • Integrated register of data processing activities as per article 30 of the GDPR


Swiftly integrate ready-to-use, securely encrypted database with new and existing systems via RESTful API

on the Cloud

Get compliance and security as a service, accessible from everywhere

Fast and Reliable Queries

Get database security and advanced encryption, not compromising system performance


We use horizontally scalable NoSQL database layer so you will never get out of free space

Get Compliance Out of the Way

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