LogSentinel For
Critical Infrastructure

Prevent threats and achieve compliance

Critical infrastructure providers – from local water utilities to state-level energy providers – face serious cybersecurity risks and are required to comply with numerous standards and regulations regarding information security. A single security breach may cost lives.

With LogSentinel SIEM you get a strong set of security and compliance features for your whole IT ecosystem and demonstrate compliance at reduced operational cost while minimizing effort on audit, forensics and fraud detection.


Integrate and monitor every system, including SCADA and ICS, but also your standard IT infrastructure like ActiveDirectory, file servers, etc.


Discover anomalous behavior, as well as insider and cyber threats, based on rules, machine-learning and threat intelligence

Regulatory Compliance

Demonstrate compliance with ISO 27001, the NIS EU Directive and vertical-specific information security standards and regulations

Data Insights and visualizations

Gain insights by analyzing correlated data from all systems with flexible custom queries and charts

Critical Infrastructure Use Cases


Insider Threat Detection

Monitor user behavior and detect suspicious insider activities

SCADA monitoring

SCADA Monitoring

Collect and correlate logs from one or more SCADA systems


Regulatory Compliance

Demonstrate highest level of security compliance to industry regulators


Audit Trail Protection

Protect your audit trail from manipulation and be able to prove integrity



Detect advanced persistent threats (APTs, usually nation-state attackers) that aim at disrupting critical infrastructure



If you would like to protect your critical infrastructure, preventing threats and achieving compliance, utilizing top-notch technologies such as blockchain-protected audit trail and AI-powered anomaly detection, we are here for you! ​