SIEM for Managed Security Service Providers

Provide managed SIEM and SOC-as-a-service with ease

Organizations are adopting a managed security approach that combines several benefits: the trust that they have in their local provider, the availability of highly efficient but complex security tools and avoiding the shortage of trained security experts.
Managed security service providers (MSSPs) are thus tasked with providing efficient cybersecurity monitoring and response service without most of their revenue going away for licensing.
LogSentinel SIEM is a tool that’s built with MSSPs in mind – we have predictable and affordable pricing and offer deployment and management flexibility.
LogSentinel SIEM Visibility

By Design

Serve multiple customers from a single deployment with flexible multitenancy models and data segregation

LogSentinel SIEM Detection


Add your logo and your preferred styling to our SIEM, regardless of the deployment type and license size

LogSentinel SIEM compliance

Flexible Deployment

Use our SaaS on a custom domain, deploy it on your cloud or on-premise – it’s entirely up to you

LogSentinel SIEM Insights

User Interface Localization

LogSentinel SIEM MSSP Use Cases

Office365 Phishing Protection


Get LogSentinel SIEM at the heart of your SOC to serve multiple customers

AWS Configuration-anomalies

Managed SIEM

Allow your customers to fully outsource their SIEM management

AWS Anomalous-API-calls

CoManaged SIEM

Flexibly share the SIEM management with the customer for improved results


Compliance Monitoring

Help customers achieve and retain compliance by regular compliance reports

Office365 Suspicious-VPC-traffic


Have a SIEM at the heart of your Managed detection and response offering



If you would like to clear compliance and boost the information security of your business, using a next- gen SIEM, that combines log management, behavior analytics (UEBA), threat detection and incident response into a complete security monitoring platform, get in touch now!