LogSentinel SIEM for
Ransomware Prevention

Stop ransomware before it's too late

In recent years ransomware has been a significant issue for many organizations, especially smaller ones that could not afford comprehensive security tools.

Ransomware makes all organization data unusable until a ransom is paid, which can (and often does) destroy the target organization – in terms of cash, disrupted operations and reputation.

While regular backups are an important measure to protect against the effects of ransomware, they are not a bulletproof solution and additional measures are required.

Antivirus software is often lagging behind newly spawn ransomware and that leaves many organizations at risk.

With LogSentinel SIEM you are alerted of all aspects of ransomware as soon as they try to infect a computer. You can then stop all attempts of the ransomware to get in and spread and thus prevent any significant damage.

Phishing Detection​


LogSentinel SIEM listen to emails and lets you stop phishing campaigns, which are responsible for the majority of ransomware infections

Brute Force Monitoring​

Brute Force

LogSentinel SIEM monitor and blocks brute-force attacks against RDP and other protocols which have been used to deliver ransomware

Anomaly Detection​


Ransomware manifests itself with anomalous file access. LogSentinel detects that and automatically quarantine the infected machine

Rootkit Detection​


Some ransomware makes use of rootkits which our endpoint agent can detect and block automatically. The agent works alongside a standard antivirus



If you would like to clear compliance and boost the information security of your business, using a next-gen SIEM, that combines log management, behavior analytics (UEBA), threat detection and incident response into a complete security monitoring platform, get in touch now!