LogSentinel SIEM for
SAP Security Monitoring

Easily connect SAP to LogSentinel SIEM 

SAP ERP sits at the core of many enterprises. It centralizes the most important processes and that makes it a primary target for insider and cyber attacks.

With LogSentinel SIEM you have a unified dashboard for real-time control and insight across all aspects of SAP, without the need to install any SAP plugins. Get security and compliance at reduced operational cost and minimize effort on audit, forensics and fraud detection.

Full SAP
Log Coverage

Collect the critical SAP Security Audit Log (SAL) and Read Access Log (RAL) as well as other sources like firefighter logs, CDPOS and CDHDR.


LogSentinel discovers anomalous behavior and insider and cyber threats based on rules, machine-learning and threat intelligence

Straightforward Integration

Configure our agent with read-only file access and database access – no need to install, configure and support any SAP plugin

Data Insights and Visualizations

Gain insights by analyzing correlated data from SAP and other cloud and on-premise sources with flexible custom queries and charts

SAP Security Monitoring Use Cases

SAP Unauthorized Access Detection

Unauthorized access

Monitor authentication activities and get alerted for anomalies

SAP Sensitive Operations Monitoring

Sensitive operations

Monitor sensitive T-Codes for suspicious use

Privileged Actors Abuse SAP Detection

Privilege abuse

React to events of privilege account abuse (e.g. firefighter accounts)

SAP Prevention of Insider Threats

Insider Threats

Detect malicious insider activities using rules and behavior analysis

Suspicious Configurations​ SAP Detection and Prevention

Suspicious Configurations

Monitor and detect unauthorized or suspicious configuration changes



If you would like to clear compliance and boost the information security of your business, using a next-gen SIEM, that combines log management, behavior analytics (UEBA), threat detection and incident response into a complete security monitoring platform, get in touch now!