Technology-Driven Compliance

“Compliance” may sound boring and useless – consultants and lawyers are telling you how you should do things and then go around with checklists to see if everything fits a predefined vision of how a certain business should operate. And there are all sorts of compliance requirements – from regulations (GDPR, PSD2, AML, Regulation (EU) Read more about Technology-Driven Compliance[…]


GDPR vs PCI DSS: How they complement each other

Nowadays, the data security and data protection are crucially important not only for the business but also for the public sector. To safeguard the customers’ rights, organizations must follow established rules and regulations and the best security standards such as the GDPR and PCI DSS. Overall In essence, the GDPR and PCI DSS overlap in Read more about GDPR vs PCI DSS: How they complement each other[…]