Digital Transformation Happens Too Fast to Be Secure

Digital transformation is the process of turning paper-based processes into digital ones or even completely eliminating unnecessary steps via automation. Digital transformation is innovation, but not in the “flying cars”, “trips to Mars”, “brain-computer-interface” type of innovation. It’s a mundane, often boring organizational innovation that has very little technical complexity and a much higher human-and-process Read more about Digital Transformation Happens Too Fast to Be Secure[…]


Fraud Detection: Approaches and Pitfalls

With the explosive growth of data businesses now can have a look at the very minutae of their processes. This includes details on which user took what action in which system, ranging from mission critical payments and asset transactions to the ultimately mundane users’ login in their own computers. On the one hand this trove Read more about Fraud Detection: Approaches and Pitfalls[…]


11 Cyber Security Tips to Achieve GDPR Compliance

Organizations, especially those collecting and using personal data, must take the necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and security of the data, therefore to be GDPR compliant as stated in Article 5. This objective could be achieved only by following the best practices in protecting and maintaining the IT systems. Below are some cyber Read more about 11 Cyber Security Tips to Achieve GDPR Compliance[…]