Try SentinelDB In Your Heroku Deployment

We are happy to announce that you can now use SentinelDB, our GDPR-compliant datastore, in your Heroku deployments. The SentinelDB addon can be found here. We are keen on providing multiple options for easy integration of SentinelDB and thus ensuring full data protection for cloud applications. If your application is running on Heroku and you Read more about Try SentinelDB In Your Heroku Deployment[…]

Data Breach Prevention: Types

Preventing Various Types of Data Breaches

Data breaches happen practically every day. Personal, including financial and medical data leak to cyber criminals as well as intelligence agencies. Some notable breaches include the Equifax breach, where dozens of personal data fields were leaked, and the recently announced Marriott breach, where passports, credit cards and locations of people at a given time were Read more about Preventing Various Types of Data Breaches[…]


Releasing SentinelDB, the Privacy By Design Database

Data breaches are happening practically every day. Reputations are damaged, customers are unhappy and regulators are more and more demanding. Data protection is no longer just a hassle that the legal department has to handle – it must be an integral part of each software system. That’s why we leveraged our in-depth experience with GDPR Read more about Releasing SentinelDB, the Privacy By Design Database[…]

Bozhidar Bozhanov, CEO of LogSentinel

SentinelDB Is Coming Soon!

We at LogSentinel are striving to deliver high quality products, ensuring a 360-degree compliance integration, improved control over cyber security, and minimizing the risk of data breach. It’s been a busy summer season for everyone from the team – we have consulted companies in relation to GDPR, PCI-DSS, PSD-2 and other standards and regulations concerning information Read more about SentinelDB Is Coming Soon![…]

SES Summit 2018 Sofia

LogSentinel Will Be Presenting SentinelDB at Startup Europe Summit

This Thursday, 15th of October, Startup Europe Summit 2018 will take place at Sofia. The event connects leading startup founders and tech leaders helping them to collaborate during the day. The list of the featured guests of the event includes Mariya Gabriel, Ana Brnabić, Zoran Zaev, Duško Marković, Simon Schaefer and Anja Monrad. What to Expect from Startup Europe Summit Within the Read more about LogSentinel Will Be Presenting SentinelDB at Startup Europe Summit[…]