SIEM for Google Cloud Platform

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Google Cloud Platform and Security Monitoring Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is attracting a lot of companies, large and small, with its stability and many built-in services. But aggregated security monitoring has to be done via an external service.   However, log aggregation for security purposes… Read More »SIEM for Google Cloud Platform

Using SIEM for Regulatory Compliance: Importance, Best Practices, Use Cases

Why is SIEM Important for Regulatory Compliance? A security information and event management (SIEM) system can improve the security of your business’ computer network with real-time automation, monitoring, logging and event alerts. By leveraging SIEM Software, your security team is able to track events concerning your company’s… Read More »Using SIEM for Regulatory Compliance: Importance, Best Practices, Use Cases

SIEM Pillars

The Three Pillars of SIEM

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We have built our LogSentinel SIEM around some core principles and we’d like to share and explain them. Every organization can get value from SIEM SIEM is considered expensive and complicated and generally not fit for smaller organizations (and “smaller” can mean anything from a… Read More »The Three Pillars of SIEM

Why Are SIEMs Expensive and How To Choose Affordable SIEM

Why Are SIEMs Expensive?

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Top Reasons Why SIEMs Are Considered Expensive SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems have a reputation for being expensive. And that’s generally correct – they can cost hundreds of thousands per year or have huge upfront costs. But why is that? There are several… Read More »Why Are SIEMs Expensive?

SIEM Buyer’s Guide for SMEs

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You have probably seen many other SIEM buyer’s guides and realized that they are focused on large multinationals and Fortune 500 companies and you find them hard to relate to. However, the SIEM products are no longer targeted just at large corporations (despite the fact… Read More »SIEM Buyer’s Guide for SMEs