Webinar: Audit Trail in Large Organisations

Many organizations understand that the integrity of their audit trail is important only after a security incident takes place and they realize they cannot rely on their audit logs. Having had a lot of experience in this area here at LogSentinel, as an information security company, whose products protect the sensitive data of some of the largest industry leaders, we realized that the integrity of the audit trail is usually underestimated. This is why Bozhidar Bozhanov, CEO and co-Founder of LogSentinel, shared his insightful expertise on the audit trail’s importance, limitations and best practices for large organizations during a webinar, convincing the audience that it is better to protect the audit trail before something bad happens.

Data integrity is often ignored by most organizations. However, data integrity is an essential part of the CIA Triad, ensuring data protection: confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Without proper data integrity measures, the organization puts their business at risk, because:

  • Incorrect data can disrupt business
  • Cyber attacks are left untraced, and often even unrecognized
  • Compliance can be easily breached

Undetected data manipulation is a serious risk and we believe the proper way to solving it is through a tamper-evident audit trail solution and automated integrity checks against the audit trail history. That’s why we summarized all the expertise of the LogSentinel team, putting together the most important aspects of the audit trail, and organized this webinar.

For Whom Is This Webinar?

Information Security Officers

Information security and data protection are closely related topics. To ensure that sensitive data cannot be breached, Information Security Officers need to take appropriate technical safeguards, including data integrity and non-repudiation of logs. But is it easy to achieve non-repudiation and proof of integrity of logs? It’s not a trivial question and it seems that many companies have a false sense of security, keeping logs unprotected and unmonitored.

With this webinar, Information Security Officers can find out more about audit trail, validate if they have already implemented the best practices, and discover more benefits from analyzing audit logs. 

Compliance and Data Protection Officers

 As we stated, data integrity is an essential part of ensuring compliance. And the secured audit trail is crucial for protecting data integrity. Many regulations, standards, and directives provide guidelines and requirements on how to protect the audit trail.

Therefore, it is useful for Compliance and Data Protection Officers to acquire an in-depth understanding of audit trail and what type of audit logs are considered compliant.

Regulatory requirements about logging

With this webinar, Compliance and Data Protection Officers can get a better understanding of the difference between protected and unprotected audit logs, and address their security concerns to the security officers. 

In LogSentinel, we believe that the roles of the Compliance Officers and the Information Security Officers are crucial to the company’s business continuity and that both roles are now closely related now more than ever.  Both now need to ensure data protection compliance and undisputable data security across all their systems.

That’s why we pay special attention to both Compliance Officers and Information Security Officers and strive to provide quality content about both technical and legal aspects of keeping audit logs safe.

Watch webinar Audit Trail in Large Organisations here:

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