Why is LogSentinel a Great Fit to Any MSSP?

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On the shifting threat landscape, security investments are growing, the complexity of security solutions continues to increase, hence the need for managed security service providers (MSSPs) will continue to grow proportionally.

What does LogSentinel SIEM offer for MSSPs?

LogSentinel is working hard to identify and address the challenges that MSSPs must deal with to prevent them from not providing efficient cybersecurity monitoring and response services.

LogSentinel SIEM provides simple and effective network security monitoring services, being a cloud-based SIEM, that ensures the speed and agility to empower any MSSP on the market.

Our solution is deployed in less than a few hours in a small footprint environment, using the same hardware and the same configurations, achieving performance levels exceeding the value of a high-priced solution in a traditional in-house developed security system.

To ensure an easy and straightforward PoC, LogSentinel offers the MSSPs a Free SIEM solution for the first 50 users.

LogSentinel Features for MSSPs

  • Multitenancy by design –  We have built LogSentinel SIEM with multitenancy in mind, allowing for MSSPs to serve multiple customers simultaneously, from a single deployment. This way, they can keep track of all data and ensure better visibility and service quality for their clients.
  • White labelling – LogSentinel allows MSSPs to add their logo and preferred styling to our SIEM, regardless of the deployment type and license size.
  • Flexible deployment – LogSentinel allows full flexibility in deployments. MSSPs can use our SaaS on a custom domain or deploy it on their cloud or on-premise. We support easy (API-enabled) integration with all systems on their infrastructure.
  • User interface localization – MSSPs often serve local clients and therefore it’s important for them to have the software available in their language of choice. That’s why LogSentinel allows MSSPs to serve the SIEM UI in their local language, as the software is quickly localizable
  • Built with privacy in mind – Privacy can be a major concern for MSSPs using legacy systems and legacy SIEM. With LogSentinel’s Next Generation SIEM however, MSSPs are able to address the data privacy concerns from handling too many clients at once – they decide when, for how long, and who can see what kind of data.

Stop guessing where to investigate

The key to providing efficient services is to prevent attacks from getting to the customer. In order to keep disruptive outages, lost data, and financial losses from happening, it is crucial to have a SIEM that automatically discovers anomalies, patterns, and deviations from expected behaviour and identifies threats that have evaded other solutions. That’s how LogSentinel SIEM helps MSSPs proactively investigate data before it reaches the customer network of their clients, saving time and money not only to them but to their clients as well.

Enjoy a false positive-free future

If a company entrusts a provider to protect them from cyber threats, those threats must be accurately detected and swiftly mitigated. This means that the MSSP’s solution must offer the highest level of precision available, allowing for detection of threats as narrow as a 2-hour window starting from a single event as well as comprehensively detecting threats as looking as a six-month window from a massive amount of events. That’s where LogSentinel SIEM goes. Our SIEM software has integrated advanced threat detection, based on machine learning and AI, that helps you eliminate a big amount of false positives and only focus on real threats. This is especially important for managed service providers as they have hundreds and even thousands of client cases to deal with on a daily basis.

How can MSSPs benefit from LogSentinel SIEM?

  • Security visualization – Thanks to LogSentinel’s intuitive dashboard, you can visualize information from all security endpoints while automatically detecting impacts to the organization.
  • Security automation – With LogSentinel’s groundbreaking AI-based technology, you can identify attackers and security threats in real-time.
  • Organization awareness – See your client’s business from an attacker’s perspective with security reports across all domains. You can analyze the security impact on the organization before the scan has been completed.
  • Reduce the cost of security – Simplify security management by reducing false positives through automation, decreasing cost-per-incident by increasing visibility to threat activities.
  • Dynamic threat vectors – Track ransomware, malware, crypto miners, open protocols, form jacking and so much more. Add an extra layer of email protection monitoring for phishing attacks, and be able to check for leaked credentials.

LogSentinel SIEM Use Cases​ for MSSPs

  • SOC-as-a-Service​ – Get LogSentinel SIEM at the heart of your SOC to serve multiple customers
  • Managed SIEM -Allow your customers to fully outsource their SIEM management
  • CoManaged SIEM -Flexibly share the SIEM management with the customer for improved results
  • Compliance Monitoring -Help customers achieve and retain compliance by regular compliance reports
  • MDR – Have a SIEM at the heart of your Managed detection and response offering

LogSentinel SIEM Pricing Model for MSSPs

LogSentinel gives you intuitive pricing affordable for any MSSP. 

  • No need to pay extra – the license includes all of LogSentinel SIEM features – log collection, threat detection, incident response, behavior analytics, honeypot, and more.
  • Predictable pricing – we do not rely on fluctuating or irrelevant metrics like the volume of your data or events per second. Instead, we price per active user
  • Free SIEM solution for the first 50 users
  • Ensuring ROI based on saved IT effort and reduced risk 
  • The price scales down to accommodate smaller MSSPs but also cascading discounts apply after 250 users.

If you are an MSSP and you would like to clear compliance and boost the information security of your clients, using a next-gen SIEM, that combines log management, behaviour analytics (UEBA), threat detection and incident response into a complete security monitoring platform, get in touch with us now!


How can MSSPs benefit from LogSentinel SIEM


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