LogSentinel XDR

Advanced Security Monitoring Platform for Extended Detection and Response

LogSentinel XDR offers a unified security monitoring platform for evolved threat detection and response.

Combining log management, behaviour analytics (UEBA), threat detection and incident response, LogSentinel XDR now provides an information security solution, suitable for any organization, in order to face the most sophisticated cybersecurity challenges. 

LogSentinel XDR is the perfect security tool for any organization that recognizes the need for a risk-mitigation and containment tool to centrally and proactively manage security risks across information and physical assets.

LogSentinel XDR integrates cloud and on-prem into a single pane of glass for both collection and response. 

XDR's Advanced Capabilities

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Log collection, classification and search

Collect logs from any source, supporting many formats and protocols with great flexibility.

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Find potentially malicious behaviour and threats across sources, and get notified in real-time

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LogSentinel’s agent supports rootkit detection, agent-based rule evaluation, security configuration assessment and file integrity monitoring

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Automated response across assets

Execute responses against endpoints, firewalls, active directory and cloud assets

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Auto-configuration for known sources

You don’t need to specify your vendor in our connectors – they are automatically recognized!

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Get the full network traffic and transform it into flows for improved threat detection

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Monitor dedicated inboxes for phishing emails in real-time, thanks to anomaly detection rules targeting phishing attacks

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Consume known malicious IPs, domains, URLs, emails and file hashes, and publish threat feeds yourself

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Leaked credentials monitoring

Get notified if a corporate email is detected in published password leaks

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Website integrity monitoring

Make sure you get notified about changes in javascript files that can be used to exfiltrate payment data or credentials from your websites

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Vulnerability assessment

Run vulnerability scans regularly and correlate the results with other sources

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Asset discovery

Discover and catalogue your attack surface

Real Security Innovation



It’s more than just logs: LogSentinel XDR converts a large stream of alerts into a biteable number of incidents that can be reviewed and  investigated manually


Ease of
Integration and

Our zero-setup cloud XDR as well as our open-source collector and agent can handle every system and every setup even in complex organizations
AI-based Anomaly Detection


Monitor and respond to threats from day one! LogSentinel XDR provides a high-quality detection and monitoring with little-to-no tuning required

AI-based Anomaly Detection

Next-Level Security Operations

LogSentinel XDR is reducing the need of your security operations team to chase false positives by correlating and grouping alerts automatically, saving you time in incident triaging