We Keep Critical Data Safe. At Scale.

Prevent data breaches
Stay ahead of the regulatory curve


Protect Data Integrity

Zero-chance of tampering with blockchain audit trail protection and field-level encryption



Stop malicious activities with AI-detection and real-time alerting. No one can cover their tracks.

AI-based Anomaly Detection

Achieve Compliance

Cover all logging and data protection requirements, relieve audit, reporting and forensics

Simple SAAS Log Integration


Have full visibility, traceability and auditability of all internal processes and IT systems

Sentinel Trails - Truly Compliant and Secure Audit Trail

Have a unified command centre for real-time control and insight across all systems and users. Demonstrate compliance at reduced operational cost and minimise effort on audit, forensics and fraud detection. Never again worry about the integrity of your critical data – we use blockchain so no one can ever tamper with it.

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Sentinel DB - The Privacy-by-Design, GDPR-compliant Database

SentinelDB is designed to fully conform to the privacy and data protection requirements in GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and audit trail requirements of GDPR, NIST, PCI DSS, PSD2, ISO 27001.

  • Encryption per-record, not compromising productivity
  • Search in encrypted data
  • Blockchain-protected, immutable audit trail
  • Rule-based and AI-driven real-time anomaly detection
  • Built-in data privacy features fulfilling the “Privacy by Design” requirement of GDPR
  • Records of processing activities as per art.30 of GDPR

Financial Services

Gain 360-degree audit trail visibility, automate anomaly detection, and reduce risk of fines

AML | Internal Audit | Legacy Systems

Public Sector

Cover compliance requirements and gain visibility across all systems

NIS Directive | DB monitoring | Digital evidence


Protect sensitive health data and make legacy systems compliant

GDPR | DB Monitoring | Legacy Systems

Executive Team

Bozhidar Bozhanov, CEO​

Kalina Konstantinova, CCO​​

Anton Gerunov, COO​


Webinar: Audit Trail in Large Organisations​

Webinar: Encryption in the Enterprise​