LogSentinel SIEM Features

Centralized log collection, aggregation and normalization
 Unlimited On-Premise IntegrationsSupported integrations and sources
 Unlimited Cloud IntegrationsSupported integrations and sources
 Custom ConnectorsUI-based configuration for any text file or database source
 Agentless collectionCollect logs without the need to install an agent on each monitored machine
 Long-term retentionData retention policies
 Per-source retentionData retention documentation
 Asset discoverySetting up automated asset discovery
Threat detection
 Rule-based event correlation and threat detectionConfiguring correlation and statistics rules
 Machine-learning threat detectionOverview of machine learning anomaly detection
 Threat intelligenceSupported threat intelligence feeds
 Threat huntingThreat hunting dashboard
 Phishing detectionPhishing detection overview
 Leaked credentials notificationLeaked credentials
 Website formjacking detectionWebsite formjacking overview
 File integrity monitoringSetting up file and registry integrity monitoring
 Honeypot data collectionConfiguring a honeypot agent
Incident response
 Incident response capabilitiesIncident response actions
 Investigation and triageInvestigation dashboard
 Flexible threat notificationsConfiguring alert destinations
 AutomationIncident response automation & SOAR integration
Dashboards and reporting
 Custom security dashboardsCustom dashboards user guide
 Management reportingConfiguring reports
 Compliance reportingSupported regulations for compliance reporting
Security Monitoring
 Application monitoringFlexible application audit log collection
 Database activity monitoringSupported databases
 Network monitoringSupported appliances
 SAP Security MonitoringSAP Security monitoring details
 IAM Security MonitoringIAM Security monitoring details
Implementation and support
 Flexible deployment optionsOn-premises, Cloud/SaaS, Whitelabeled
 Automated implementation planImplementation templates documentation
 Email and phone supportSupport is included in the license
Advanced security and compliance
 Log integrityTamper-protected audit trail
 Digital evidenceLegally sound digital evidence
 End-to-end log encryptionLog searchable encryption details
 Flexible billing optionsAnnual, bi-annual or monthly
 Price based on the number of active usersAsk for quote or see pricing
 Managed detection and responseManaged service pricing model that follows the SIEM pricing model

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