Privacy by Design in practice

Privacy by Design in Practice

The past year saw the acceleration of two already important information security trends: the ever-increasing threat of data breaches  a rising consumer and regulatory oversight on corporate data processing. Indeed, the year was not a good one for privacy – high profile data breaches range from the Marriott Hotels (500 million people), through marketing firm’s Read more about Privacy by Design in Practice[…]


Try SentinelDB In Your Heroku Deployment

We are happy to announce that you can now use SentinelDB, our GDPR-compliant datastore, in your Heroku deployments. The SentinelDB addon can be found here. We are keen on providing multiple options for easy integration of SentinelDB and thus ensuring full data protection for cloud applications. If your application is running on Heroku and you Read more about Try SentinelDB In Your Heroku Deployment[…]

How LogSentinel Complements Log Collectors

How LogSentinel Complements Log Collectors

You are likely using a log collector – Graylog, Splunk, Loggly, logstash,, scylar, CloudWatch logs, etc. And log collectors are absolutely mandatory for any deployment of more than one machine (though they are very useful even in that case). They collect all your logs in one place, allowing you to search, “tail”, define alerts. Read more about How LogSentinel Complements Log Collectors[…]


11 Cyber Security Tips to Achieve GDPR Compliance

Organizations, especially those collecting and using personal data, must take the necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and security of the data, therefore to be GDPR compliant as stated in Article 5. This objective could be achieved only by following the best practices in protecting and maintaining the IT systems. Below are some cyber Read more about 11 Cyber Security Tips to Achieve GDPR Compliance[…]

logging requirements_dashboard

GDPR Logging Requirements

The hype about GDPR is dying off, as apparently the world didn’t end on May 25th. However, best practices in data protection are still valid, and we’d like to focus on logging as one of them. The Regulation isn’t explicitly talking about logs, however many data protection authorities consider logs to be a good way Read more about GDPR Logging Requirements[…]


GDPR vs PCI DSS: How they complement each other

Nowadays, the data security and data protection are crucially important not only for the business but also for the public sector. To safeguard the customers’ rights, organizations must follow established rules and regulations and the best security standards such as the GDPR and PCI DSS. Overall In essence, the GDPR and PCI DSS overlap in Read more about GDPR vs PCI DSS: How they complement each other[…]


PSD2 Requirements and Secure Logs

PSD2 is the new EU Directive that aims to open up the banks and allow non-banking institutions to provide payment services. It is a great thing but it comes with many requirements. They are in the form of implementing and delegated acts of the European Commission as well as guidelines of the European Banking Authority. Read more about PSD2 Requirements and Secure Logs[…]

What US Companies Need To Know About GDPR

GDPR is a topic that has concerned EU-based companies since 2016. In became effective on the 25th of May 2018. However, not just EU-based companies need to be concerned about the personal data processed by their organization. More and more US-based ones are also looking for a way to effectively solve the issues that stem Read more about What US Companies Need To Know About GDPR[…]

Compliant Audit Logs

Compliant Audit Logs (ISO 27100, PCI-DSS, etc.)

Audit logs – the recorded evidence of each action or event that has happened in an information system – are an agreed best practice in the industry. But in many cases they are not just best practices – they are a necessity according to multiple standards and regulations, including ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, the PNR Read more about Compliant Audit Logs (ISO 27100, PCI-DSS, etc.)[…]

List of Tools And Sources That Will Help Your Business Achieve GDPR Compliance

Everybody is talking about GDPR. Many organisations are spending time and money to cover all aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation. Many more offer fulfillment services. For this reason we have gathered the information on the Web we have found most relevant – tools, training resources and certification information in one place. Most of Read more about List of Tools And Sources That Will Help Your Business Achieve GDPR Compliance[…]