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The pricing of LogSentinel SIEM is based on the number and types of monitored sources. Sources are systems and applications that generate log or event data. Please fill the form below to let us calculate your pricing. Prices start at 1000 EUR (1200 USD) per year.

Log And Event Sources To Integrate

Select the approximate number of systems of each type that you'd like to integrate with LogSentinel SIEM. If you are unsure about the type of source, consider it to be "regular". We will provide a detailed offer once we get in touch and define the desired sources to be monitored.

Note: software that is installed and generates logs on endpoints rather than on servers (e.g. antivirus) counts as one source
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Network appliances, routers, firewalls, proxies, web servers or applications configured with too broad logging configurations
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Commonly used business applications, file servers, most ActiveDirectory setups, Antivirus, IAM/SSO, RDBMS, server OS security logs, infrastructure audit logs
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Systems that are infrequently used or used by few employees, or systems that record only a limited set of activities
We offer the option to include a managed monitoring and response service provided by us or one of our partners. This service will save time for your IT team that is normally under very high load